“Soul Kitchen Dance has had a huge impact on my mental health these last few weeks and I’m certainly feeling more comfortable and engaged after each week.” ~ Alicia

“It is definitely an incredible community and I recommend it to many people. It’s a church, a sanctuary, a meditation, exercise, community, tribe, and so much more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating this incredible space for us all. “  Dori L Licensed Professional Counselor
“Soul Kitchen Dance is a life changing experience for me. It’s my favorite thing. “  Jennifer R PhD, Psychologist
“I was ushered by yesterday’s music in a surprising way! And our community has evolved and taken on this rich depth of meaning and surging power over the past year and a half. It’s palpable, if not verbally describable. I carry it with me as a talisman during the times when I’d much prefer curling up under a duvet” Erin P Co-founder of Dipamkara Foundation, Yoga Teacher
The dance experience you have provided for me has transformed my life.” Charlie B. Musician
“If you are looking for ways to get a deeper understanding of yourself, this is the best and surest way to get there. If you have never experienced non-judgment, joyful movement and deep inner knowing at the same time, come and try it. I guarantee you it can change your life if you let it. I have experienced it.” Rae R. Habitat for Humanity
“Thank you for your work in creating what has become such a beautiful source of personal discovery and expression, connection to self and community, space to play, tap into deep joy and experience cathartic release all in one. It’s amazing and I leave in absolute awe every time. Each facilitator brings their own unique magic both in the playlists they curate and the spirit they infuse the group with. A big bow of gratitude to you for radiating such soulful expression and abundant joy. Your exuberant presence is very contagious.” ~ Alyson C. Mother
“SKD gives me so much freedom. I enter in armor; I leave in a halo. All of my hangups fade, and connectedness reigns. And the tribe, oh the tribe! Even today I’m deepening relationships with the incredible people who come to Soul Kitchen Dance. What more is life about than love and freedom? SKD brings both, and in a BIG way! ” ~  Becca V. Web Designer
“Dancing at Soul Kitchen has been a life altering experience for me. I have always loved to dance but had never done it in this kind of forum. It fills me with joy and takes me back to feeling like a carefree child, simply enjoying the moment with no worries. Dance reminds me that those feelings are still attainable, even if for just a little while. I also love the community vibe of the dancing tribe – no judgement, no ill-will – just loving souls dancing with and around each other creating amazing energy that we then share with the world. Plus it is one of the only activities I can think of that is a great cardio workout coupled with time to meditate.”  Alison K Program Assistant CSU
“Soul Kitchen Dance is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. Dancing freely in a completely non-judgmental space and connecting with a tribe of super-fun-extrememly-thoughtful beings helps me feel alive! I was afraid I wasn’t a good enough “dancer” to show up at a “dance class” even though I love to dance. Silly me! Soul Kitchen is not about perfect steps and moves at all… it’s about connecting to myself, moving through emotion, experiencing the power of music that moves me, and sharing it all in community. You don’t have to be a dancer. You don’t have to know steps. You don’t even have to have rhythm. You just have to be open to letting soul stirring music move you as it will!!” Alana F. Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist
“It is my life line.” Minor K Healing Warriors Program Mgr
“My week is not the same without it. It’s the community.” Katie H. Senior Advisor, Strategist & Fundraiser
“Dancing like this gives me Everything! Balance, joy, fun, community, hugs, authenticity, passion, perseverance, delight, a back that moves and deeper breathing, a greater capacity for what shows up be it joy or sorrow…. ALIVENESS. I feel I’ve come home here.” Zia Z. Community Activist, Philanthropist, Landscape Architect
“This sacred space allows you to express whatever you are going through with your free flowing movement and expression. I always feel different after dancing within this conscious community. “ Kelly G. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Rachel provides a beautiful place for people to let go of their roles and obligations through whole-hearted, respectful and open, open open dance. We are so blessed to have such a fun place to go mid-day, alcohol-free, with simple guidelines that keep us safe and welcome our independence and freedom. ” Christine D. Mother 
“This is what I gotta say: Rachel is the complete embodiment of fierce fun, movement, play and prayer. This woman crafts opulent musical journeys and voyages for your body, heart and soul. She pulls out all the stops for each and every Soul Kitchen Dance. Every body needs to move, play, express and sweat. There is no other place, no other space like this one. This is the real deal. bonafide. pure and potent. The power of play and joy, movement and self expression cannot be measured and are absolutely what brings quality to life! Each and every session of Soul Kitchen is truly food for your soles and soul.”  Nadine F. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
“This kind of Dance is like nothing you have ever experienced.  It is both playful and serious, both spiritual and practical, freeing and grounded.  It’s a safe place where we can dance like nobody’s watching, and just BE.  And, you get to do it at your own pace, in your own way. Selfless Ageless Timeless Priceless!” Jane G. Designer
“I am so grateful for ecstatic dance in my life, beyond what words could ever tell … It is such a space of profound healing, deep deep opening, acceptance and love; a divine playground for creation and altar for worship, for Spirit and for honoring all of us creatures who are borne of Spirit … Thank you to Rachel Philippe for getting this going here in Fort Collins! ” Shaun G. Dancer
 “Thank you for creating a space that allows me to lose the fear of myself, lose the fear of failure, and truly release. A space as nurturing, carefree and creative is hard to come by. Thank you for the sacred, peaceful, open space. It is so personal for me, so raw, so vulnerable and so exactly what I need. ” ~ Amanda W. Instructor & Program Director
“Thank you for the gift of conscious dance in our lives. We know that we are just meant to move, but the opportunity to move with intention in safe space is so much more. It is cathartic, freeing, cleansing – it brings great peace and clarity. We appreciate you making Soul Kitchen your cause and we love getting to be a part of it.” Trey C. Juris Doctor
“Soul Kitchen Dance has ignited a spiritual flame in me that is radiating out in every direction in my life. I call it my mid-week recess. Rachel creates a safe container to explore your own inner sanctuary. The dance follows a pattern designed to move us into the natural flow of our own bodies. Lose the mind chatter and discover your body’s innate wisdom. I get connectivity, medicine for the soul, a chance to experience wild abandon” ~ Suzanne R Reflexologist
“This is one of the best and most fun, freeing and joyful forms of medicine I’ve found…. I highly recommend you Check it out!” Chelsea G. Owner Rise n Shine Arts
“I love and embrace Soul Kitchen Dance because I walk into a place where I have my own space to express my life story. I walk into a space where I can embrace others life stories. I walk into a space where I can be messy, be strong, be still, be real, be Me. I walk into a space where I can truly feel. Thank you for creating and holding such a magical space where we can get lost and feel found.” ~ Cara F. Intuitive Coach
“Dancing at Soul Kitchen allows me to experience a level of fun and freedom of expression that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Like yoga, it is a transformational experience that brings more love and light into the world.” ~ Mike O Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor
“I get a lot out of Soul Kitchen Dance but the two biggest needs which are being met are Love and Play.  Love though the community which is being developed and feeling both supported and wanted by my dancing family and Play because play.  Being active and kinesthetic make up a huge part of my play personality and being able to move freely in SKD is immensely necessary for both my health and happiness.” ~ Brian K Registered Nurse
“It is a special pleasure for me to be able to so fully trust the safety and potency of the Soul Kitchen Dance container that I can freely invite friends to participate.” ~ Daphne B. Publisher
“We had so much fun and it’s the best therapy for moving things through, loosen them up, get them the $&# out!! I leave feeling fluid, with more space inside to put in there what I intend. ”  ~ Andrea H. Registered Nurse, Herbalist
“SKD gives me community, love, energy, clarity, a good workout, friendship. It’s locked into my calendar as “Awesome Time” and it truly is. My employees love how happy I am when I get back to the office after dance.”  ~ Dawn P. President Toolbox Creative
“It’s a marvelous place for me to sink into my body and allow it to express itself, and dance as a celebration of the wedding of creature and spirit.” ~ Jeannie Z. Healer
“Come dance freeform for an hour.  You get recreation, spiritual food, relationship and cures for what ails all in one fell swoop.’ ~ Kent T. Integrative Wellness