Start A Dance

Do Something You Love and Dream Of

Bring Conscious Dance to Your Community!

Leading your own conscious dance will provide you a vital, healthy, inspired community infused with meaning and play, ritual and joy, togetherness and self-expression, heart expansion and creativity;  all wrapped up in movement and music.

– Call it Soul Kitchen or name Your Dance your way –

 Either way Soul Kitchen Dance’s Facilitator Training Program empowers You with the training, experience and technology to Activate It!

Designed especially for your intimate group of 10-25 people, Soul Kitchen Dance Facilitator Training empowers and tools you with the technology to deliver an authentically real, palpably alive, powerfully potent, heart-centered, expansive experience of magical proportions. Our Training and Affiliate programs allow you to align with the name, imagery, branding, messaging and modality of Soul Kitchen Dance if you wish – or name your dance your way-  while bolstering and supporting your Leadership and allowing you to bathe Your Dance in your own unique flavor, expertise, love, vision, skills, intention, artistry, self-expression  & healing powers.

Contact Rachel to discuss your vision, your community and your needs in order to access what level of support is required to ensure your success in building a thriving conscious dance community.
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