Start A Dance

Do Something You Love and Dream Of

Bring Conscious Dance to Your Community!

Leading your own conscious dance will provide you a vital, healthy, inspired community infused with meaning and play, ritual and joy, togetherness and self-expression, heart expansion and creativity;  all wrapped up in movement and music.

Call it Soul Kitchen or name Your Dance your way 

 Either way Soul Kitchen Dance’s Facilitator Training Program empowers You with the training, experience and technology to Activate It!

Designed especially for your intimate group of 10-25 people, Soul Kitchen Dance Facilitator Training empowers and tools you with the technology to deliver an authentically real, palpably alive, powerfully potent, heart-centered, expansive experience of magical proportions. Our Training and Affiliate programs allow you to align with the name, imagery, branding, messaging and modality of Soul Kitchen Dance if you wish – or name your dance your way-  while bolstering and supporting your Leadership and allowing you to bathe Your Dance in your own unique flavor, expertise, love, vision, skills, intention, artistry, self-expression  & healing powers.

Contact Rachel to discuss your vision, your community and your needs in order to access what level of support is required to ensure your success in building a thriving conscious dance community.
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