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 MON 12 pm Book Study  WEDS 10:30 am SKD  FRI 10 am L’s Lab   SUN 11 am SKD

Calling by phone?  Use (346) 248-7799, Meeting ID: 466 740 5950
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ZOOM Etiquette:
  • After opening ‘circle’ and once the music has begun please MUTE yourself by clicking the bottom left hand screen Mute button: This will help the music come through loud and clear for all, reducing background noise. Please mute yourself if there is background noise where you are.
  • Also: It is very advantageous to quit all other browsers and activities on your computer in order to increase bandwidth capacity to stream the Zoom feed.
  • PS: If you can hook a nice lil’ speaker up to your computer, you’ll be able to jam out even better!