NEW: Ladies Lab! • Fridays at 10 am

Calling All Intrepid Female Explorers . . .

“Every woman has somewhere within her a sense of her own authority, a sense of sovereignty. As women, we know things through our bodies, emotions, and intuition – we call it female power . . . Sovereignty comes when you inhabit your self, and it has a spacial correlate: You are inside your own skin. Your boundaries are intact. You find your ground and dare to stand tall you take up space . . . Sovereignty means owning and being loyal to your own experience.  You give priority to the needs of  your inner life. It means you trust your instincts. You give yourself permission to find what works for you and to discard notions that don’t. ” –  Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maureen
Soul Kitchen’s Ladies Lab joyously offers women opportunities to grow stronger and more confident by finding, enjoying and reclaiming our power, pleasure, expression & creativity.
A sensuous and womanly playground to hiss, punch, grunt, growl, roar, slink, gyrate – lay still and sob – all in one place.
*dress to move & express & feel exquisite*
*please arrive early w/mat, cushion, journal for prompt 10am start*
Wonder Women ACTIVATE! Soul Kitchen’s Ladies Lab is a space of togetherness & vitality practices to lift, support & nourish us: filling our cups with connectivity & creativity ~ because women need women.
Providing rich opportunities for support, empowerment, health and wholeness: In our 1st hour together each week we’ll warm up, move & meditate ~ and in our 2nd hour we’ll enjoy art, writing & circle.
~ ~ ~ An Invitation to Embrace Your Sensuality ~ ~ ~
We will be enjoying moving meditation to break the rules – in defiance of every expectation you have of meditation – challenging our inhibitions against our own pleasure, wildness, and joy. Because, “Women need a different kind of meditation approach. Meditation should be joyful, sensuous, engaged, alive. It should be rooted in pleasure.” ~ ~ ~ Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maureen