Kansas City, MO


Sundays from 6 – 7:15 pm
414 Main Street, Belton, MO 64012
Main Street Performing Arts Center


SoulSisterDance is a free-form, ecstatic-style dance for women ages 18 and up. It is a safe and nurturing space for the exploration of present moment feelings and sensations expressed through the body. It is about women re-possessing their wild feminine by releasing emotions, freeing their creativity, and cultivating their limitless power. There are no steps to learn or follow and no dress code – just total freedom to move and play on the dance floor in any way you choose to a variety of music from all genres and eras.

Expect to:
-Experience copious amounts of freedom and joy.
-Discover or rediscover your sensual/sexual self.
-Learn to love and cherish your body.
-Experience radical self-expression and find your bliss.
-Dance in ways you never expected.
-Make connections with other women.

In our beautiful 1200-ft space with a wooden floor, you are free to stretch out, loosen up, and let it go! We create an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and accepted, regardless of your age and size! ALL women are welcome!

The music starts slow and quiet with gentle guidance, builds to an ecstatic-style peak, and then flows into calmer, more serene territory. We end with a guided meditation, followed by circle time to share what is in our hearts and/or about our experiences on the dance floor.

There is no talking during the dance and no cell phone usage. You will need to leave your shoes in the hallway outside the studio. However, slip-resistant socks, dance socks or leather-soled dance shoes used only on the dance floor are allowed for physical reasons.

And PLEASE KNOW there’s ABSOLUTLEY no right or wrong way to move here!!! So bring your sad, sassy, angry, happy, fierce, vulnerable, worn-out, sensual self to SoulSister and DANCE IT OUT!!!

CONTACT: Artistic Director & Facilitator: Toni Williams toni@soulkitchendance.org