It Feels So Good to Just Dance

“Soul Kitchen Dance offers me the opportunity to feel emotions more deeply than words. I find relief and intense beauty in the absence of language where I can express my emotions through universal movement. My heart center and body express itself more wisely than my voice – it is instinctive and primal. When I escape my mind, my feet know exactly where I need to go. They welcome me home and I transport into another realm. Buried thoughts and emotions from years past often surface and I am able to dance through them rather than stewing. Movement is my processing then letting go, leaving me light and oh so high- Medicine and Spiritual Healing.” ~ Kiva S.

A Dancing Tribe of Your Very Own. Soul Kitchen is your rhythmic oasis, groove garden  & sweat sanctuary. A place to feel & move freely from the depths of your soul. 

“Thank you greatly for the incredible gift you share with this community in allowing us Freedom of Expression through movement. One of the most powerful forms of medicine I’ve experienced.” ~ Chelsea G.
Get juiced in a succulent & spacious movement playground offering you a powerful and potent container for authentic self expression, cathartic release and joyous liberation within conscious community.
Moving to music is medicinal and SKD’s got your prescription filled: an open floor with inviting music, an inclusive tribe, and unlimited possibility, ample opportunity and complete freedom for your soul to unfurl & your heart to shine!

Soul Kitchen Dance is:

A safe, sacred, fun & liberating space to find your own authentic movement
A fiercely freeing playground ~ everyone needs to play!
A spacious prayerground ~ dance your prayers in a reverent and respectful space
A soulful sanctuary that grooves ~ whatever you got, bring it to the floor and work it out!
A moving meditation ~ movement as method and medicine
A purifying sweat ritual of expression, surrender & release
A powerful & potent container for self-healing