Benevolence Sanctuary is a 100% substance-free, member-supported 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Fort Collins, Colorado, for Soul Kitchen Dance, a freeform movement community, and related spiritual embodiment practices that assist our healing, growth and awakening. Benevolence is a dedicated place to gather, belong, and thrive through music, movement, art, nature, community, service & study.  

We believe:

Embodiment is an important aspect of spirituality

‘Benevolence’ means for our highest good; even if that means allowing discomfort to transform us

Creating a 100% substance-free environment is necessary for optimal growth

Honoring the wisdom of diverse religious traditions benefits us all

Member-supported community engenders belongingness

Shared leadership creates a more powerful community 

Diversity and equity galvanize more fruitful togetherness.

Something greater than us – the collective wisdom that we call The Divine – guides us. The divine is within each of us, between all of us, and always conspiring towards our highest good.

Holding these beliefs is not required to participate, and unnecessary to reap the benefits of our community 

Benevolence Leadership Team: Colyn Wolfe and Rachel Philippe

We are a thriving community of members, with a Board of Directors, staff, and service structures in need our permanent building.

The Ask: Ideal Building and Land Specifications:

2,000-4,000 sq ft. building on 2 – 4 acres of land

Functionally complete, or minimal repairs needed

Within 5-10 miles of downtown Fort Collins, CO

Zoned for church / assembly hall with parking for 50

Immediate occupancy

Mission Statement and Vision for Benevolence Sanctuary

Mission: Benevolence seeks to create an inclusive, welcoming sanctuary that empowers individual healing, celebrates collective wisdom, and galvanizes conscious community to assist our healing, growth and awakening, through group study, dance, movement, and other body-centered practices.

Vision We believe in the power of “Ubuntu”–a strong community and creative collaboration–to improve lives, foster meaningful relationships, and bring about both individual and collective healing. Benevolence aims to unite a flourishing community of people, healers, creatives, and contributors all connected by their love of music, movement, art, nature, spirituality and healing.

Alongside offering embodiment, personal growth and belongingness, Benevolence will become a service-powered and community-driven oasis in Fort Collins. We will develop unique projects in which the music, movement, art, books, wisdom, and culture that inspire us can come together in service of our individual and collective healing. 

Our Story: 

Rachel Philippe founded Soul Kitchen Dance (SKD) in 2013 as a “safe, sacred, fun, and liberating environment for people to drop their inhibitions and move freely for the health of it.” 

It began as one dance per week with the conviction that the joy of freeform movement is for everyone, and that moving to music improves health of body, mind, and spirit.  Very soon the practice spawned so much more–most importantly, the strong bonds of community belongingness which drove her to build SKD into a nonprofit organization in 2016.  

As the community grew, so too did the offerings; more weekly dances were added, then the creation of Ladies Lab for women to heal, a book study, antiracism work, meditation and Qigong. This growth necessitated the need for a permanent home, so Benevolence was formed as a nonprofit organization in 2019 to house the expanding SKD community and as a sanctuary to extend its non-profit work into the greater Fort Collins community.


Benevolence Sanctuary is a substance-free oasis of healing in Fort Collins, Colorado, providing community activities in a welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental environment for people moving through life’s mental, emotional, and financial challenges together.  Benevolence offers people a therapeutic refuge to find safety and interconnectedness through embodiment and spirituality practices that bolster mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. This multigenerational community benefits a diverse population through connection to body, mind, spirit, environment, music, art, education, and each other. Benevolence serves as a positive alternative to the bar scene for people in need of meaning and movement in their lives, creating fertile and life-supporting opportunities for people to form quality relationships. 

Teens, adults, and elders can all connect through dancing, singing, art, gardening, cooking and learning together, creating a legacy for many generations to come.

The problems Benevolence solves:

Especially after a year of pandemic lockdown and zoom sessions, we are all aware of the increase in loneliness, isolation, depression, addiction, mental health, suicidal ideation, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of engagement and withdrawal of retired, semi-retired, single & widowed elders, at risk youth, single parents, and strained families. Benevolence provides fellowship, camaraderie, recovery, and engagement in an uplifting and edifying atmosphere of love. 

Belongingness and strong community connection are vital human needs oftentimes lacking in our lives. Benevolence brings people together through a shared interest in music, movement, spirituality, healing, art and nature;  fostering strong and lasting community bonds. Benevolence accomplishes this by offering regular weekly embodiment practices, community groups, book study, antiracism work, addiction recovery programs, gardening, cooking, music and art making, indigenous wisdom and land stewardship.


INTENTION To benefit the well being of both the individual and the collective, based on the beliefs that body, mind & spirit are interconnected, and embodying the credo that wellness is for everyone: Benevolence is a member-supported community gathering space providing Fort Collins with convenient, affordable access to practices, offerings and events that increase the emotional, social and physical health of people of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. Benevolence Sanctuary in and of itself is not a spiritual program, but rather is a home to spiritually-based programs and groups aligned with its mission and vision. Benevolence provides a sacred environment containing an exquisite sanctuary for embodiment practices, a community room for meetings and support groups, a reading room with lending library, and gathering spaces that allow for fellowship before, after and in between these activities. With nourishing spaces inside and out, Benevolence brings people together to grow, heal and thrive.

IDEAL SPACE Beautiful 2-4 acre property overlooking the foothills, zoned for assembly hall, with a 2-4,000+ sq. ft. bldg., parking for 50, and grounds for horticultural gardens, walking labyrinth, and fire pit.
• 1200-1500 sq. foot open floor,  high ceiling sanctuary to accommodate up to 50 people with floating wood floor, state of the art in home sound system w/sub woofer, altar space
• Community Room for donation-based support groups, addiction recovery, local non-profit meetings
• Lounge for fellowship before and after events, stretching, decompressing, with soft sprung lo pile carpet floor and ‘toys’ for sitting, lying, rolling, stretching, plus cubbies for stowing shoes and belongings
• Reading room and Lending library with edifying literature
• Lobby with local art, filtered water

BENEFITS to the Community Benevolence serves as a home for Soul Kitchen Dance and many other spiritually- aligned embodiment communities and practices.  An in-town retreat-like facility: Benevolence is an inclusive and synergistic environment promoting connection, growth, and community for all – read testimonials here –  providing a centralized, cross-pollinating hub for members to thrive. The Sanctuary also provides a venue in Fort Collins to host nationally and internationally touring authors, speakers, thought leaders, and medicine people to educate, enrich and fortify our community. The Community Room provides donation-based space for local recovery,  support and non-profit  groups  to meet,

THE NEED Fort Collins is growing. More people bring more needs; needs for housing, roads, government, schools and libraries. Health is another basic need of people. Hospitals and medical institutions address physical health. But oftentimes the paramount needs for connection, community, togetherness, and spiritual health are underserved. Implicit to the growth and flourishing of Fort Collins’ population is the need for access to practices of personal wellness that will maintain a healthy, thriving, safe community.

THE PROBLEM There is currently no devoted barefoot sanctuary space in Fort Collins that is community-oriented, synergistic, cohesive, and 100% substance free. As Fort Collins grows there is more and more demand for such a space. 

FEEL IT! Benevolence Sanctuary is contemporary, clean, healthy, vibrant, uplifting, spacious, beautiful, thriving, enlivening and 100% substance free 100% of the time. A vibrant, modern, therapeutic sanctuary offering potent help for powerful times. In honor of my brother Ben who suffered from the dis- eases of mental disorder, addiction and isolation – of which so many of us struggle alone – who would have benefitted greatly from a place to fill up with all the right stuff: love, community, music, movement, meditation art, fellowship, mentorship,  recovery,  service, safety, stillness, peace.