2019 Spring Cleaning Healing Intensive

Breaking Through & Freeing You!

May 3-5, 2019

 Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO, USA

Utilizing conscious dance, yoga, breath work, art, writing & circle as catalysts to provide opportunities for healing, breakthrough, transformation & JOY!


This was one of the best weekends of my life. I LOVED it. I want to do it again and again and again. Can we all just move there…to that space…to that time…to that group of people??? It felt like being embraced by a tribe of like-minded people. It felt like I was on another planet for a bit. Still, these words are not enough. Thank you for being the catalyst and creating such a wonderful experience. I cried all the way home (happy, sad, transformative tears). ~ Laura E.
I feel SO ALIVE! thank you Rachel , Nadine, and all the SKD tribe for an amazing experience. As I reflect and experience myself in this space, I am aware of a true REWILDING. What that means for me is that I am reconnected to who I most truly am – at my essential core, there is peace, joy, and an open heart,  embodied and earthed, and belonging to a community of fellow humans. I remember how to find my way back HOME through movement, dance, music, time in and of the earth, and in community. Love and empowerment blooms in my heart!!!!!! thank you for the fierce loving attention you devoted to creating a most transformative container!!!!!!! ~ Claire M.
Thank you so very much for creating a space, event, and sacredness that will forever be remembered and has touched my soul in beautiful ways and allowed me to deepen my own inner peace and joy as well as enabling me to feel very connected to everyone there, the earth and the All. It was a lot of fun and filled with great heart and joy. As a male, my maleness never really entered into my consciousness as I was fully embraced and felt that everyone was sharing their humanness without attention to gender. I look forward to being able to participate again and would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to intensify their own peacefulness, joyfulness as well as being grounded in a very healthy way. ~ Steve H.
Soul Kitchen Dance Retreat provided a map, a menu and an invitation to explore and experience my Illuminated, Authentic relationship with myself, and by extension with other.  I played in the Divine Playground where true Wisdom is revealed to me and I acknowledge those moments of connection and relationship with my true nature. I learned that I am not limited.I relearned that we are all vessels of sacred Wisdom when we listen deeply. I remembered the power of my relationship with TREES and that all my past experiences are now validated for the profound impact they had on me. I was reminded of my sacred place in the universe. I carry away from this retreat the knowledge that I have access to the Wisdom that informs my thoughts and actions toward my highest good and potential. I carry the peace that is created from that knowledge.  Thank you to all that had a part in the creation of those moments that all unfolded with beautiful synchronicity, playfulness, and deep intimacy.  with LOVE and LIGHT ~ Olga G.
As a newcomer to Soul Kitchen Dance, I came into the dance and wilding retreat open hearted and curious. I left invigorated, calm joyful and quieted. The flow of the weekend felt very guided and purposeful .  The dance was cathartic, playful and opening for me. I loved the way it built to bliss and joy. The other activities brought me to a place where I could quiet and empty my mind.  It felt wonderful. It was a beautiful space and the group was warm and  welcoming.  I hope to take part in Soul Kitchen Dance in Fort Collins and would love to be a part of another retreat! Thank you two for making this happen.  It was a beautiful thing. ~ Nancy P
Thank you for starting this HEALING service!!  It has changed my life!  I am sharing about your RETREAT to everyone I know. It was truly an incredible healing experience!  Can’t wait for the next one!Love you all!  ~ Athena
Rachel, celebrating you (and SKD tribe) as part of my Sisterhood.  Thanks for the deep and playful dive of a retreat!!! ~ Beth G.